Register Now for GPU Mini-Hackathon at ORNL Nov. 1-3

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hackathonOak Ridge National Lab is hosting a 3-day GPU Mini-hackathon led by experts from the OLCF and Nvidia. The event takes place Nov. 1-3 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

General-purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs) potentially offer exceptionally high memory bandwidth and performance for a wide range of applications. The challenge in utilizing such accelerators has been the difficulty in programming them.  This event will introduce you to GPU programming techniques. The mini-hackathon will be a mixture of lecture and hands-on training for programming for GPUs on Titan and beyond. It will be held at the Knoxville Crowne Plaza hotel and is open to people outside of ORNL. Brent Leback from NVIDIA/PGI will introduce programming techniques using OpenACC and will include topics such as optimization and profiling methods for GPU programming. We encourage attendees to bring their own applications to work on during the latter part of the event.

The final agenda for the mini-hackathon will be posted shortly.

Register for the mini-hackathon by October 17th.

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