ORNL Celebrates 4 Years of the Titan Supercomputer

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titan2Oak Ridge National Lab is celebrating the fourth birthday of Titan, the fastest supercomputer in the U.S. that is currently ranked at #3 on the TOP500.

Since its 2012 debut, Titan, the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility’s (OLCF’s) flagship supercomputer, has played a critical role in enabling groundbreaking milestones in science and engineering. On Oct. 29, the Cray XK7 system will reach a milestone of its own: 4 years of operation. To recognize this occasion and the community of committed groups and individuals who have contributed to Titan’s success, the OLCF is celebrating Titan Week Monday, Oct. 24—Friday, Oct. 28. During the week, the OLCF’s Twitter and Facebook will be sharing interesting facts, highlights, photos, and videos related to the operation, scientific productivity, and global impact of the machine.

To celebrate Titan’s 4th “birthday” properly, the OLCF needs your help! We’re asking friends of Titan to post birthday messages, pictures, and short videos (30 seconds or less) on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #TitanWeek.

How to participate:

  • Write a birthday tweet or post to Titan.
  • Tweet or post a photo with a personalized birthday message to Titan.
  • Upload a short video (30 seconds or less) wishing Titan a happy birthday. In your video, tell us how Titan and Titan-enabled science has impacted you. (For creative bonus points, think of a gift you might give Titan for its birthday and explain why you chose that gift.)

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