HPE Apollo 6500 for Deep Learning

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gregIn this video from SC16, Greg Schmidt from Hewlett Packard Enterprise describes how the HPE Apollo 6500 high density GPU server is ideal for Deep Learning applications.

“With up to eight high performance NVIDIA GPUs designed for maximum transfer bandwidth, the HPE Apollo 6500 is purpose-built for HPC and deep learning applications. Its high ratio of GPUs to CPUs, dense 4U form factor and efficient design enable organizations to run deep learning recommendation algorithms faster and more efficiently, significantly reducing model training time and accelerating the delivery of real-time results, all while controlling costs.”

Do you need to rapidly transform massive data streams? The HPE Apollo 6500 System provides the tools and the confidence to deliver HPC innovation. The system consists of three key elements: The HPE ProLiant XL270 Gen9 Server tray, the HPE Apollo 6500 Chassis, and the HPE Apollo 6000 Power Shelf. The XL270 Gen9 Server provides up to 15 Tflops of single precision performance per server with eight NVIDIA K80 GPU and two Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processors in a 2U server.

With a configurable internal PCIe Gen3 fabric, the Apollo 6500 allows you to choose the right GPU topology to match your specific needs. With a high-bandwidth, low-latency network, is tightly coupled to the accelerators allowing you to take full advantage of your network.

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