Compressing Software Development Cycles with Supercomputer-based Spark

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Anthony DiBiase, Cray

In this video, Anthony DiBiase from Cray presents: Compress Software Development Cycles with supercomputer based Spark.

“Do you need to compress your software development cycles for services deployed at scale and accelerate your data-driven insights? Are you delivering solutions that automate decision making & model complexity using analytics and machine learning on Spark? Find out how a pre-integrated analytics platform that’s tuned for memory-intensive workloads and powered by the industry leading interconnect will empower your data science and software development teams to deliver amazing results for your business. Learn how Cray’s supercomputing approach in an enterprise package can help you excel at scale.”

Anthony DiBiase is an analytics infrastructure specialist at Cray Supercomputer based in Boston with over 25 years program & project management experience in software development & systems integration. He matches life sciences software groups to computing technology for leading pharma & research organizations. Previously, he helped Novartis on NGS (next generation sequencing) workflows and large genomics projects, and later assisted Children’s Hospital of Boston on: systems & translational biology, multi-modal omics, disease models (esp. oncology & hematology), and stem cell biology. Earlier in his career, he delivered high-throughput inspection systems featuring image processing & machine learning algorithms while at Eastman Kodak, multi-protocol gateway solutions for Lucent Technologies, and mobile telephone solutions for Harris Corporation.

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