The Computer That Could Be Smarter than Us – Cognitive Computing

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Ingolf Wittmann from IBM

In this video from Switzerland HPC Conference, Ingolf Wittmann from IBM presents: The Computer That Could Be Smarter than Us – Cognitive Computing.

Cognitive computing is on everyone’s lips and is used in the supercomputing environment. But the limitations of Moore’s Law are also present, so that new technologies and computer approaches are necessary to make cognitive solutions a reality. For that there is a need for a new approach like neuromorphic computing based on accelerators like GPUs, FPGAs, or neuromorphic chips. This presentation will point out based on real examples how HPC environments can benefit from such solutions and technologies to drive cognitive solutions, machine/deep learning where we can ask ourselves “what will be possible in the near future – can the future computers be smarter than humans?”

Ingolf Wittmann was finishing university with a master in computer science and business administration and starting his professional career as Unix system engineer at Nixdorf. In 1990 he joined IBM starting as AIX marketeer following the IBM classical career as Unix sales representative, solutions sales manager, and different national and international technical director positions. Ingolf is now the Technical Director and CTO & Leader of HPC for IBM Europe. He has authored books about AIX 4 and AIX 5L and is a regular IBM speaker for press and analysts regarding IT trends, technology and Open Source. Since 2007 Ingolf is the chairman of the department “IT Infrastructure & Digital Office” in the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM).

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