High Performance Interconnects – Assessments, Rankings and Landscape

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Dan Olds, OrionX.net

In this video from Switzerland HPC Conference, Dan Olds from OrionX.net presents: High Performance Interconnects – Assessments, Rankings and Landscape.

“Dan Olds will present recent research into the history of High Performance Interconnects (HPI), the current state of the HPI market, where HPIs are going in the future, and how customers should evaluate HPI options today. This will be a highly informative and interactive session.”

An authority on technology trends and customer sentiment, Dan Olds is a frequently quoted expert in industry and business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Computerworld, eWeek, CIO, and PCWorld. Dan is currently a partner at industry strategy and research firm OrionX, and was formerly the founder and principal analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group (GCG), a boutique IT research and consulting firm whose activities are now part of the OrionX offerings.

In addition to server, storage, and network technologies, Dan closely follows the Big Data, Cloud, and HPC markets. He writes the HPC Blog on The Register, co-hosts the popular Radio Free HPC podcast, and is the go-to person for the coverage and analysis of the supercomputing industry’s Student Cluster Challenge.

Dan began his career at Sequent Computer, an early pioneer in highly scalable business systems. He was the inaugural lead for the successful server consolidation program at Sun Microsystems, and was at IBM in the strategically important mainframe and Power systems groups. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business with a focus on finance and marketing.

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