Managing Node Configuration with 1000s of Nodes

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In this video from the OpenFabrics Workshop, Ira Weiny from Intel presents: Managing Node Configuration with 1000s of Nodes.

“Individual node configuration when managing 1000s or 10s of thousands of nodes in a cluster can be a daunting challenge. Two key daemons are now part of the rdma-core package which aid the management of individual nodes in a large fabric:

1) Ibacm – Once a simple PathRecord cache, ibacm has been extended to allow for plugins for enhanced access to SA data. Furthermore work has been done within the Linux kernel to allow the kernel to access the services provided by the ibacm deamon. This talk will present the advantages of using ibacm, what providers are currently available on various distribution channels, and future work to
be done.

2) rdma-ndd – manages node description names once and for all. Knowing which node you are talking to is invaluable in a large fabric. Not only does rdma-ndd set node descriptions but more importantly it keeps them updated. A brief overview will be provided.”

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