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Evolving Storage and Cyber Infrastructure at the NASA Center for Climate Simulation

Ellen Salmon from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

In this video from the MSST 2017 Mass Storage Conference, Ellen Salmon from NASA presents: Evolving Storage and Cyber Infrastructure at the NASA Center for Climate Simulation.

“This talk will describe recent developments at the NASA Center for Climate Simulation, which is funded by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, and supports the specialized data storage and computational needs of weather, ocean, and climate researchers, as well as astrophysicists, heliophysicists, and planetary scientists. To meet requirements for higher-resolution, higher-fidelity simulations, the NCCS augments its High Performance Computing and storage/retrieval environment. As the petabytes of model and observational data grow, the NCCS is broadening data services offerings and deploying and expanding virtualization resources for high performance analytics.”

Ellen Salmon is a senior member of technical staff in the High Performance Computing group at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Her current duties center on Technical User Services and operational support of Data Services for the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS). She also serves as a focal point for communicating, analyzing and coordinating the NCCS’s operational responses to science users’ specialized requirements, such as those for approximately six Field Campaigns the NCCS supports yearly. Previously she led the NCCS’s High Performance Mass Storage team, coordinating a number of hardware and software upgrades, including two migrations to new hierarchical storage management systems.

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