Fujitsu Powers KNL Remote Access Program with Intel HPC Orchestrator

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In this video from ISC 2017, Tom Krueger from Intel and John Wagner from Fujitsu describe the new KNL Remote Access Program. Now, with the power of Intel HPC Orchestrator, Fujitsu customers can gain access to a small cluster of Intel Xeon Phi processors to test and tune their codes.

“Fujitsu has partnered with Intel in offering users access to a clustered system running the latest generation Intel Xeon Phi (Knights Landing) and Omni-Path interconnect. Fujitsu’s Remote Access Program is freely available to users who register and agree with the conditions of usage. The cluster environment enables users to participate in activities such as benchmarking, code development, as well as code optimization and validation either using the pre-installed applications or those brought by the user.”

Intel HPC Orchestrator, based off of the OpenHPC software stack, is a suite of Intel-supported products designed to simplify implementation and maintenance of an organization’s HPC system software platform. Intel has pre-tested, pre-integrated and pre-validated the stack, it has been designed to provide a balance between simplicity and customizability and offers advanced integration testing between components.

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