Intel HPC Orchestrator – Now with Altair PBS Pro Inside

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In this video from ISC 2017, Bill Nitzberg from Altair describes how PBS Pro adds powerful workload management capabilities to Intel HPC Orchestrator.

Offering PBS Professional as the preferred workload manager for Intel’s HPC Orchestrator provides a comprehensive and reliable workload management product to customers,” said Piush Patel, Vice President, Corporate Development for HPC at Altair. “Altair is committed to the pursuit of exascale computing and the democratization of HPC for organizations to achieve the next great innovations. Intel’s HPC Orchestrator with PBS Pro is a great step toward both goals.”

Intel HPC Orchestrator, based off of the OpenHPC software stack, is a suite of Intel-supported products designed to simplify implementation and maintenance of an organization’s HPC system software platform. Intel has pre-tested, pre-integrated and pre-validated the stack, it has been designed to provide a balance between simplicity and customizability and offers advanced integration testing between components.

With this complementary agreement, system administrators and IT managers will be able to quickly integrate, configure and maintain a validated, reliable software stack. With less time dedicated to setup and maintenance, focus can be concentrated on the customization of systems and user profiles to increase an organization’s system utilization and improvement of efficiency.

Intel plans to include PBS Professional as a commercially robust workload management solution in Intel’s software stack,” said Barry Davis, General Manager, Technical Compute Group at Intel. “The Inclusion of PBS Pro demonstrates Intel’s commitment to offer best in breed solutions as part of HPC Orchestrator. We are dedicated to providing customers a software stack that simplifies the installation, management and ongoing maintenance of a HPC system by reducing the required integration and validation efforts needed.”

Altair and Intel have collaborated for over 20 years as industry leaders, providing ground-breaking high-performance technology solutions. Intel is a world leader in computing innovation, designing and building essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. Altair has served the HPC market for decades with award-winning workload management, engineering, and cloud computing software. Used by thousands of companies worldwide, PBS Works enables engineers to improve productivity, optimize resource utilization and efficiency, and simplify the administration and use of HPC clusters, clouds and supercomputing environments.

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