Using Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services with PBS Professional

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In this video form the PBS Works User Group, Bruce Burns, Senior Director of Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud Services presents: Using Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services with PBS Professional.

“Time is money, and in this session you will learn how to save both using PBS works with Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services (BMCS) public cloud infrastructure. Oracle BMCS is a new generation of scalable, inexpensive and performant compute, network and storage infrastructure that combines internet cloud scale architecture with enterprise scale-up bare metal capabilities, providing the ideal platform for demanding High Performance Computing workloads. In this session you learn how to use PBS Professional with Oracle BMCS for common customer use case scenarios to dynamically scale out, on demand and leverage the price / performance advantages that Oracle BMCS uniquely provides with PBS Works.”

Bruce Burns is the senior director of Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud Services (BMCS) product management team. His work includes driving technical collaboration with customers and partner teams to help enable them to use the Oracle cloud platform and ensure that the new cloud services and features being built fully meet the needs of the partners and customers that use them. Before joining Oracle, Burns was a senior manager at Amazon where he created the AWS Test Drive and Quick Start programs and ran the AWS global Oracle and SAP partner relationships. Previous to AWS, Burns was a principal program manager at Microsoft with over 16 years of experience building out Windows client, server, and cloud partner ecosystems.

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