Podcast: Introducing Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and Intel Select Solutions

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Lisa Spelman, Manager of Intel Xeon Products and Data Center Marketing

In this Chip Chat podcast, Lisa Spelman, Manager of Intel Xeon Products and Data Center Marketing, discusses the launch of two pivotal advances for the data center: the delivery of Intel Xeon Scalable processors and the announcement of Intel Select Solutions.

  • Intel Xeon Scalable processors optimize interconnectivity with a focus on speed without compromising data security. New features such as Intel AVX-512 improve with workload-optimized performance and throughput increases for advanced analytics, high performance computing applications, and data compression.
  • Intel Select Solutions are workload-optimized data center solutions that simplify and accelerate the process of selecting and deploying the hardware and software needed for today’s broad, complex array of workloads and applications. Developed and delivered by Intel and our partners, and based on Intel Xeon Scalable processors, an Intel Select Solution enables Enterprises, Cloud Service Providers, and Communication Service Providers to make confident choices in deploying data center infrastructure that is pre-defined and purpose-built for key workloads. To optimize the cost, complexity, and stress involved in evaluating, procuring, and integrating individual hardware and software components, ask your trusted data center provider for more information about Intel Select Solutions.

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