Accelerate Innovation and Insights with HPC and AI

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Vineeth Ram, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Vineeth Ram, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Vineeth Ram, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

In this video from the HPC User Forum in Milwaukee, Vineeth Ram from HPE presents: Accelerate Innovation and Insights with HPC and AI.

Organizations across all sectors are putting Big Data to work. They are optimizing their IT operations and enhancing the way they communicate, learn, and grow their businesses in order to harness the full power of artificial intelligence (AI). Backed by high performance computing technologies, AI is revolutionizing the world as we know it—from web searches, digital assistants, and translations; to diagnosing and treating diseases; to powering breakthroughs in agriculture, manufacturing, and electronic design automation.

However, machines have already exceeded human levels of performance, and organizations are quickly approaching the peak of their IT capabilities. Today’s systems are struggling to keep pace with increasing demands, and future workloads will require greater memory capacity and higher bandwidth to operate efficiently. In order to continuously innovate and evolve, organizations are seeking the next generation of HPC solutions to achieve superior productivity, speed data-driven decision-making, and facilitate growth.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is collaborating with NVIDIA to revolutionize AI and Deep Learning capabilities. Future HPE systems are expressly designed to support the Tesla V100 card, including HPE Apollo, HPE ProLiant DL, and HPE Integrity MC990 X systems. HPE is excited to complement our purpose-built systems innovation for Deep Learning and AI with the unique, industry leading strengths of the NVIDIA V100 technology architecture to accelerate insights and intelligence for our customers. HPE will support NVIDIA Volta with PCIe interconnects in three different systems in our portfolio and provide early access to the next generation of NVLink systems for select customers to address emerging customer demand.

Together, HPE and NVIDIA are industrializing AI and Deep Learning, empowering organizations with extreme versatility, optimal performance, and reduced time-to-insight. These HPC innovations promise to dramatically increase our knowledge and IT capabilities and achieve untapped levels of Compute—all the way to exascale.

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