Inside SATURNV – Insights from NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Supercomputer

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In this video from SC17 in Denver, Phil Rogers from NVIDIA presents: Inside SATURNV – Insights from NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Supercomputer.

“Like its namesake, NVIDIA DGX SATURNV is yielding insights that have far-reaching impact, helping us build the best AI architecture for every enterprise. In this talk, we describe the architecture of SATURNV, and how we use it every day at NVIDIA to run our deep learning workloads for both production and research use cases. We explore how the NVIDIA GPU Cloud software is used to manage and schedule work on SATURNV, and how it gives us the agility to rapidly respond to business-critical projects. We also present some of the results of our research in operating this unique GPU-accelerated data center.”

Phil Rogers is the lead architect for Compute Server Software at NVIDIA. Phil has been working in accelerated computing for the past 7 years with a focus on performance, scalability and ease of use.


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