Advanced Networking: The Critical Path for HPC, Cloud, Machine Learning and More

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Erez Cohen is VP of Cloud & Machine Learning at Mellanox Technologies.

In this video from the 2018 Swiss HPC Conference, Erez Cohen from Mellanox presents: Advanced Networking: The Critical Path for HPC, Cloud, Machine Learning and more.

“While InfiniBand, RDMA and GPU-Direct are an HPC mainstay, these advanced networking technologies are increasingly becoming a core differentiator to the data center. In fact, within just a few short years so far, where only a handful of bleeding edge industrial leaders emulated classic HPC disciplines, today almost every commercial market is usurping HPC technologies and disciplines in mass. Additionally, with the rampant adoption of demanding workloads like Machine Learning, cloud to on premise providers are now deploying the same advanced networking technologies and delivering the same core capabilities and performance as traditional HPC environments. These same data centers embracing AI are also driving the increased adoption of complex technologies including containers and virtualization that must also be optimized for performance, optimal profit and operational efficiency. In this talk we explore how high performance networking has emerged from HPC to become the critical path for the cloud, machine learning and much more.”

Erez Cohen is VP of Cloud & Machine Learning at Mellanox Technologies. As Mellanox Technologies Vice President for CloudX and Machine Learning Programs, Erez Cohen is responsible for driving all aspects of the organization including architecture, implementation, marketing and sales. The CloudX and Machine Learning programs incorporate Mellanox Technologies state of the art network and storage interconnect product lines forming the most efficient and scalable cloud and Machine Learning infrastructures. Prior to his 2013 appointment to VP, Mr. Cohen led the company’s Field Engineering from group for nearly a decade. Responsible for pre and post sales technical support for OEMs and end users worldwide, Mr. Cohen has been directly involved in many of the largest and most complex data centers and HPC installations in the world. He joined Mellanox Technologies in 2000 leading the Architecture and Design Validation group until 2003. Mr. Cohen holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

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