Quantum Computing – Timing is Everything

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In this video from the HPC User Forum in Tucson, Steve Reinhardt from D-Wave Systems presents: Quantum Computing – Timing is Everything.

“Despite the incredible power of today’s supercomputers, there are many complex computing problems that can’t be addressed by conventional systems. Our need to better understand everything, from the universe to our own DNA, leads us to seek new approaches to answer the most difficult questions. While we are only at the beginning of this journey, quantum computing has the potential to help solve some of the most complex technical, scientific, national defense, and commercial problems that organizations face. We expect that quantum computing will lead to breakthroughs in science, engineering, modeling and simulation, healthcare, financial analysis, optimization, logistics, and national defense applications.”

Steve Reinhardt has led and participated in teams driving significant innovations in high-end computing and analytics, from shared- and distributed-memory programming mechanisms to graph-analytic interfaces for subject-matter experts. He currently works at D-Wave Systems, mapping customer problems to the D-Wave quantum annealer and developing tools to make that easier.

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