There’s still Time to register for HPC User Forum in Detroit – Agenda targets AI, Autonomous Cars, & Sensor Networks

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Steve Conway and Earl Joseph of Hyperion Research

There’s still Time to register for HPC User Forum in Detroit. The meeting takes place September 4-6 in Dearborn, Michigan.

If AI is in your crosshairs, you won’t want to miss the next HPC User Forum in Dearborn, Michigan. Aside from tackling leadership computing initiatives in the U.S. and around the world, the meeting will zero in on artificial intelligence use cases on prem and in the cloud, especially self-driving vehicle development and urban sensor networks.

Highlights include:

  • The exciting agenda includes updates on America’s Exascale Computing Project and from the European Commission, plus a talk from the leader of the European Processor Initiative – and Ford, GM, Dow Chemical, NASA’s the Spaceborne Computer Program, and more.
  • A special keynote will feature influential automotive industry services firm J.D. Power and Associates and the Miller Canfield law firm, discussing their new report on the global approaches to legal liability for self-driving vehicles.
  • For our Wednesday dinner, we’ve reserved the Henry Ford Museum, where you’ll be free to roam through more than a century of automotive history and vehicles.

If you haven’t reserved a place yet, register today at

HPC User Forum Agenda

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

5:00pm         Registration Starts

6:30pm         Welcome and Special Dinner Reception Event

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

7:15am         Networking Breakfast

8:15am         Meeting Welcome and Announcements: Paul Muzio, Rupak Biswas, Earl Joseph and Steve Conway

8:30am         HPC Exascale Programs around the World, Earl Joseph and Steve Conway

8:45am         Session: Leadership Computing Initiatives

  • EuroHPC and the European HPC Strategy, Leonardo Flores, European Commission
  • Exascale Computing Project Update, Doug Kothe, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • NSF Activities Related to Leadership-Class Computing, Irene Qualters

10:15am      Break

10:45am      Dell EMC Vendor Update

11:00am      Session: Leadership Computing Initiatives (continued)

  • ExaAM: Transforming Additive Manufacturing through Exascale Simulation, John Turner, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • The European Processor Initiative, Jean-Marc Denis

12:00pm      Networking Lunch

1:00pm         Session: Leadership Computing Initiatives (continued)

  • NASA’s Spaceborne Computer Program, Mark Fernandez, HPE
  • Suitability of Commercial Clouds for NASA’s HPC Applications, Bob Hood

2:00pm         HPE Vendor Update

2:15pm         Gaining a Competitive Edge with HPC Cloud Computing, William Edsall, Dow Chemical Company

2:45pm     HPC Innovations: Short Presentations, Moderated by Earl Joseph (Univa, Penguin Computing…)

3:30pm         Networking Break

4:00pm         Speaker TBD

4:15pm         Object Detection in Mobile Urban Complex Environments, Ruth Cheng, ERDC

4:45pm         HPC User site updates

5:00pm         Networking Break

6:30pm         Special Dinner Event at the Henry Ford Museum

Thursday, September 6, 2018

7:15am         Networking Breakfast

8:00am         Welcome: Paul Muzio, Rupak Biswas, Earl Joseph and Steve Conway: AI, ML, DL Transparency Issues, Steve Conway

8:15am         Session: Automated Driving Systems and Sensor Networks

  • Bridging the Automated Vehicle Gap: Consumer Trust, Technology and Liability, Kristin Kolodge, J.D. Power and Associates and Tina Georgieva, Miller Canfield
  • Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles, Xiaoming Liu and Garrick Brazil, Michigan State University (45 minutes)
    • Navigation/Localization Performance of Autonomous Vehicles,” Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, Ohio State College of Engineering

10:00am      Networking Break

10:30am      Student HPC Projects

11:45am      Intel Vendor Update

12:00pm      Networking Lunch

1:00pm         Session: Automated Driving Systems and Sensor Networks (continued)

  • Obstacle Detection in Mobile Urban Complex Environment, Ruth Cheng, ERDC
  • NSF Activities Related to Urban Environments, Robin Dillon-Merrill
  • Use of HPC for AI Applications at Ford Motor Company, Bryan Goodman []

2:30pm         Networking Break

3:00pm         Update on Argonne National Laboratory, David Martin

4:00pm         Use of HPC to Drive Development of Advanced, More Fuel-Efficient Engines, Ron Grover, General Motors

5:15pm         Meeting Wrap-Up, Paul Muzio, Rupak Biswas, Earl Joseph and Steve Conway

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