Oracle Offers Bare Metal Instances for HPC in the Cloud

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In this video from SC18, Karan Batta from Oracle describes how the company provides high performance computing in the Cloud with Bare Metal speed.

Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services (BMCS) public cloud infrastructure. Oracle BMCS is a new generation of scalable, inexpensive and performant compute, network and storage infrastructure that combines internet cloud scale architecture with enterprise scale-up bare metal capabilities, providing the ideal platform for demanding High Performance Computing workloads.

Advantages include:

  • Performance. Bare metal servers, without a hypervisor, deliver uncompromising and consistent performance. Instances with Intel XEON and AMD EPYC processors, the latest generation NVMe SSDs, providing millions of IOPS and very low latency, are ideal for I/O intensive web applications, the most demanding big data workloads, and Oracle Database
  • Elastic and On-Demand Compute. True on-demand bare metal instances deliver elasticity for your workloads. Start, terminate, and monitor bare metal instances, and VMs, as needed, using the console, APIs, or SDKs
  • Security and Control. Bare metal instance isolation and dedicated access provide unparalleled visibility and control

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