Video: Quo vadis HPC – Facing the Future

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Bastian Koller is Deputy Director of HLRS in Germany.

In this talk from Computing Systems Week in Heraklion, Bastian Koller from the University of Stuttgart / HLRS asks whether HPC has come to a dead-end in Europe. He argues that real-life uses for applications are more important than having computing power for the sake of it, and suggests directions to take.

HPC and HPC Ecosystems are quickly evolving. Whereas the HPC community has a long history and is partially seen as as “dinosaur”, we see a lot of developments around HPC, namely HPDA, Deep Learning, Machine Learning etc. This keynote will have a glance on where we are today, technological trends and show with examples, how the communities around applications need to be supported to get ready for the new Era of High Performance Star (HP*), which covers the next evolution step of supercomputing.

Bastian Koller from the University of Stuttgart is Deputy Director of HLRS. The High Performance Computing Center of Stuttgart (HLRS) is the first national supercomputing center in Germany and is offering services to both academic users and industry. It is a research and service institution affiliated to the University of Stuttgart. Apart from the operation of supercomputers HLRS activities include teaching and training in distributed systems, software engineering and programming models, as well as development of new technologies. HLRS is an active player in the European research arena with special focus on Scientific Excellence and Industrial Leadership initiatives.

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