Mellanox Powers New Hawk Supercomputer at HLRS with 200 Gigabit HDR InfiniBand

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Michael Resch from HLRS describes the new Hawk supercomputer.

Today Mellanox announced that its 200 Gigabit HDR InfiniBand solutions were selected to accelerate a world-leading supercomputer at HLRS in Germany. The 5000-node supercomputer named “Hawk” will be built in 2019 and provide 24 petaFLOPs of compute performance. By utilizing the InfiniBand fast data throughput and the smart In-Network Computing acceleration engines, HLRS users will be able to achieve the highest HPC and AI application performance, scalability and efficiency.

The mission of the HLRS Hawk supercomputer is to advance engineering development and research in the fields of energy, climate, health and more, and if built today, the new system would be the world’s fastest supercomputer for industrial production.

HLRS serves a large community of researchers and industrial product developers across a variety of application domains,” said Prof. Dr. Michael M. Resch, Director of HLRS. “Our new HDR InfiniBand-accelerated supercomputer will provide the performance levels needed to support new scientific investigations and innovative product designs. We are excited to collaborate with Mellanox on building a leading European and global supercomputer and look forward to witnessing the discoveries enabled by this cooperation.”

200 Gigabit HDR InfiniBand provides leading performance, scalability, and network robustness advantages. Among them, the Mellanox Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation and Reduction Protocol (SHARP)™ technology enables the execution of data algorithms on the data as it is being transferred within the network, providing the highest application performance and scalability. The Mellanox SHIELD™ technology enables self-healing interconnect capabilities to deliver highest network robustness and reliability. The higher HDR InfiniBand switch port count reduces total cost of ownership. These advantages, together with the high data throughput and the extremely low latency, make InfiniBand the preferred interconnect choice for both pre-Exascale and Exascale compute and storage platforms.

HDR InfiniBand delivers the best performance and scalability for HPC and AI applications, providing our users with the capabilities to enhance research, discoveries and product development,” said Gilad Shainer, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “We are excited to work with HLRS on building the next generation of supercomputers on the path to Exascale, a platform that will serve the growing computing needs of their large community.”

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