The Infinite Memory Engine – Unlocking the Potential of NVMe

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John Bent from DDN

In this video from DDN booth at SC18, John Bent from DDN presents: IME – Unlocking the Potential of NVMe.

DDN’s Infinite Memory Engine (IME) is a scale-out, software-defined, flash storage platform that streamlines the data path for application I/O. IME interfaces directly to applications and secures I/O via a data path that eliminates file system bottlenecks. With IME, architects can realize true flash-cache economics with a storage architecture that separates capacity from performance.

Several key factors, both technological and commercial are creating demand for a new approach to high performance I/O. New non-volatile memory (NVM) device technologies are proliferating and media capacities are increasing rapidly. Diverse many-core processor strategies are pushing higher I/O volumes and more demanding I/O profiles. A new generation of high-business-value markets are taking advantage of analytics and machine learning and further stressing performance boundaries. Traditional file systems only crudely manage flash at scale whereas HDD performance degrades as concurrency increases. IME introduces a new layer, above the file system that:

    • Maximizes flash media performance and longevity
    • Improves the efficiency of network and storage through adaptive I/O and data coalescing
    • Efficiently feeds the diverse I/O requirements of modern workloads and mixed CPU/GPU environments
    • Delivers the data rates needed across commercial analytics in machine learning

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