Video: Introduction to Intel Optane Data Center Persistent Memory

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Usha Upadhyayula from Intel

In this video from the 2019 Stanford HPC Conference, Usha Upadhyayula & Tom Krueger from Intel present: Introduction to Intel Optane Data Center Persistent Memory.

For decades, developers had to balance data in memory for performance with data in storage for persistence. The emergence of data-intensive applications in various market segments is stretching the existing I/O models beyond limits. Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory introduces a new, flexible tier within the memory/storage hierarchy, applicable to workloads across cloud, HPC, in-memory computing, and storage. This disruptive technology will deliver persistence at memory bus speeds, reducing the need for persistence in storage which means fewer I/O trips, and lower latency, for accelerated performance. In addition, the new media will offer a lower-cost alternative compared to DRAM. In this session you will learn about different modes supported by Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory and open source libraries called PMDK (Persistent Memory Developer Kit) designed to solve challenges with persistent memory and simplify adoption of persistent memory programming.”

Usha Upadhyayula has been with Intel for past 20+ years in various roles. Currently, as part of Data Center Group at Intel, she is focused on software enabling for Intel persistent memory products. Tom Krueger is the Global Sales Enablement Director for Intel Corporation. He has been with Intel for 11 years in various roles. He is currently Global Sales Enablement Director for the Data Center Group focused on High Performance Computing.