WekaIO Matrix Cluster Excels on SPEC SFS 2014 Benchmark

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Today WekaIO announced the results of the independent SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark testing of its flagship WekaIO Matrix product.

Having established itself in the number one position for the SPEC SFS 2014 software build in January 2019, WekaIO has now posted winning results for all remaining benchmarks in the SPEC test suite. In addition to unbeatable performance and scalability, WekaIO has demonstrated extraordinarily low latencies across the benchmark suite, reaffirming Matrix is the world’s fastest parallel file system.

The recent SPEC SFS 2014 testing was conducted on a standard WekaIO Matrix-enabled cluster, utilizing commercially available storage server infrastructure. The tested storage cluster included six Supermicro BigTwin systems with Micron 9200 NVMe drives and Mellanox ConnectX 100Gb Ethernet networking.

We couldn’t be happier with these results, which underscore Matrix as the world’s fastest parallel file system offering the best performance density and achieving the highest number with 60% fewer compute clients,” said Liran Zvibel, CEO and co-founder of WekaIO. “The high performance and low latencies achieved by Matrix are attributable to our customer adoption dominance in the demanding use cases common to technical computing. Engineering design is an explosive growth area in which breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the internet of things (IoT) are transforming global production processes and generating vast amounts of data for conversion into business intelligence. Matrix shines in this area with its ability to accelerate data-intensive workflows while reducing storage complexity and cost.”

The benchmark suite tested a variety of application types that stress both small and large file I/O and metadata including: software builds, video streaming, databases, virtual desktops and electronic design automation (EDA). In all application types, WekaIO Matrix was the clear front runner on both a performance metric and overall response time (ORT), a measure of latency. The following chart outlines the position relative to other contributors across the spectrum of tests.

WekaIO’s reported performance in recent SPEC SFS 2014 testing bolsters the company’s growing reputation as a leading innovator and an important company to consider in the expanding global market for advanced storage solutions,” said Steve Conway, Hyperion Research senior vice president of research. “SPEC SFS 2014 is a trusted benchmark not just for existing HPC workloads but also for emerging AI, machine and deep learning tasks that can create even bigger challenges for metadata IO and storage.”

See the full SPEC SFS results

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