Video: Solving I/O Slowdown and the “Noisy Neighbor” Problem

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John Fragalla is a Principal Engineer at Cray.

In this video from the Rice Oil & Gas Conference, John Fragalla from Cray presents: Data Storage & I/O Performance: Solving I/O Slowdown and the “Noisy Neighbor” Problem.

In Oil and Gas, when using shared storage, mixed workloads can have a big impact on I/O performance causing considerable slowdown when running small I/O alongside large I/O on the same storage system.  With the increase adoption of Flash, and new features in Lustre, such as Progressive File Layout (PFL) and Data on Metadata (DoM), Storage can be tuned to automatically isolate different workloads to different storage media to accelerate small I/O without disrupting large sequential I/O performance, using the right mix of Flash and Disk transparently.  In this presentation, Cray will share real benchmark results on the impacts of the “Noisy Neighbor” application has on sequential I/O, and with the right storage tuning and flash capacity, how to optimize the storage to meet the demanding workloads of Oil and Gas to accelerate performance for a mixed workload environment.

John Fragalla is a Principal Engineer at Cray. His specialties include: High Performance Storage Architectures and Filesystems, High Performance System Interconnects, IO Performance Tuning and Benchmarking, Computer and System Architectures, Processor and Memory Technologies, System and Data Center Power and Cooling Technologies and Architectures, and knowledge in Operating Systems and Software Tools for HPC.

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