Video: NAG Launches HPC Cost of Ownership Calculator

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Mike Croucher from NAG

In this video, Mike Croucher from NAG demonstrates the company’s new Total Cost of Ownership Calculator for HPC.

Should your next HPC procurement be on-premise or in the cloud? This is one of the questions that our clients ask us to help with and part of the answer involves Total Cost of Ownership of the resulting facility.

This calculator is provided as a working example of a TCO model. Feel free to use our example HPC TCO calculator to:

  • Quickly estimate your TCO
  • Learn the basics of TCO models
  • Explore whether you need a more complex model

The initial data in the calculator are not necessarily intended to be representative and were mostly sourced from the audience at our SC18 tutorial on TCO models for HPC. You can edit the values in the white boxes, and the values in the yellow boxes should be updated automatically. Any data you enter, and any results, stay on your computer and are not sent to NAG or anyone else. This calculator is provided as is. No responsibility is accepted by NAG for your use of this model.

NAG notes that this is only a simple model, but it should be useful for many situations. Potential enhancements include:

  • More years (i.e., service life longer than 3 years)
  • Technology refresh
  • Performance comparisons/factors as well as cost
  • Many other TCO elements – e.g., security costs, insurance, software costs, etc. See the blue box at the bottom of the page for for a longer list of possible elements
  • Finance effects
  • Hybrid on-prem/cloud
  • Effects of GPUs and other accelerators

Mike Croucher is Technical Evangelist at NAG with responsibilities that cut across much of the organisation including High Performance and Cloud Computing, research software engineering consultancy, product development, and sales and marketing. He was the co-founder of the University of Sheffield’s Research Software Engineering (RSE) group – one of the first such groups in the UK. Providing HPC, cloud computing and research software engineering support for almost every subject area within the University. Mike has almost 20 years of experience supporting many aspects of research computing including scientific software, high performance and cloud computing and research software engineering at the Universities of Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds.

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