Video: Portable Programming Models Highlighted at PASC19

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Sunita Chandrasekaran from the University of Delaware.

In this video from PASC19 in Zurich, Technical Papers co-chair Sunita Chandrasekaran provides some highlights from the conference:

  • 32 technical paper submissions. PASC is an interdisciplinary conference, and this year papers spanned from Chemistry, Climate, Computer Science & Applied Mathematics, Emerging Application Domains, Engineering, Physics, Life Sciences, and Solid Earth Dynamics.
  • Best paper by Sam Hatfield from the University of Oxford on High Resolution Weather & Climate Models with Deep Learning Hardware.
  • Mini Symposia on Portable Programming Models

After that, Sunita previews the upcoming Workshop on Performance Portable Programming Models for Accelerators (P3MA) at ISC 2019.

Performance portable approaches and implementations are becoming increasingly crucial for the application developers to make the best use of modern HPC architectures. With diverging architectural designs, it can be a challenge to develop high-level abstractions that can expose all the rich features of the hardware to the programmer, especially with the introduction of heterogeneous architectures. This workshop will provide a forum to bring together researchers and developers to discuss community’s proposals and solutions to performance.

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