Hardware & Software Platforms for HPC, AI and ML

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Gunter Roeth from NVIDIA

In this video from the UK HPC Conference, Gunter Roeth from NVIDIA presents: Hardware & Software Platforms for HPC, AI and ML.

Data is driving the transformation of industries around the world and a new generation of AI applications are effectively becoming programs that write software, powered by data, vs by computer programmers. Today, NVIDIA’s tensor core GPU sits at the core of most AI, ML and HPC applications, and NVIDIA software surrounds every level of such a modern application, from CUDA and libraries like cuDNN and NCCL embedded in every deep learning framework and optimized and delivered via the NVIDIA GPU Cloud to reference architectures designed to streamline the deployment of large scale infrastructures.

Gunter Roeth joined NVIDIA as a Solution Architect in October 2014 having previously worked at Cray, HP, Sun Microsystems and most recently BULL. He has a Master in geophysics from the Institut de Physique du Globe (IPG) in Paris and has completed a PhD in seismology on the use of neural networks (artificial intelligence) for interpreting geophysical data.

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