Podcast: Sciencetown Investigates Extreme Computing at SC19

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In this Sciencetown podcast, we follow experts from around the world to the epicenter of supercomputing – the annual, North American supercomputing conference or SC19. We ask them to weigh in on how the future of computers, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more are coming together to shape the way we explore and understand our world.

Supercomputing, extreme computing, high-performance computing—regardless of what you call it—it underpins much of the cutting-edge scientific research being done today.

Highlights include:

  • John Shalf from LBNL on slowdown of Moore’s Law, technology forecasting, and reducing noise in HPC data
  • Saber Feki from KAUST on HPC & AI, the move to the Cloud, and the challenges of data-intensive computing in era of IoT.
  • Rosa Badia from the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre on new HPC opportunities and how machine learning will improve simulation tools.
  • Hatem Ltaief  from KAUST on AI on the convergence of HPC & AI, and how developers from each domain can work together.
  • Michael Heroux from Sandia National Labs on how to integrate the best of modeling and simulation techniques with the best practices of machine learning.

Sciencetown is a podcast about the people, ideas and innovations that make KAUST the most unique research community on the planet. Each episode is a deep dive into cutting edge tech, science and startup culture through the eyes of pioneering men and women. Their journeys cross disciplines and cross borders in the pursuit of world-changing science.

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