Calling All HPC Programmers! Remove Code Barriers Using One Complete Software Suite

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Your job is hard. It’s also really important. As HPC application developers you’re writing code that will help answer some of the greatest scientific questions of our time.

Let that sink in for a minute.

It stands to reason then that your job isn’t getting any easier. HPC systems are growing larger, more complex, and they feature different heterogenous hardware components to accommodate different workloads.

To succeed, you need software development tools to ease application development and aid with targeted performance tuning and optimization. HPE Cray Programming Environment offers just that.

This software suite has been helping developers for 30+ years. And we’ve been right alongside the entire time, putting our full effort into growing and improving it.

Let us show you around the current HPE Cray Programming Environment… and offer a peek at the role it’s going to play in pioneering HPC’s future.

How HPE Cray Programming Environment can help

It’s a one-stop destination. HPE Cray Programming Environment offers all the tools programmers need to develop, debug, analyze, and optimize applications. It helps your entire system perform seamlessly, delivering the best performance with the least effort and solving the problem of HPC scale and complexity. Featuring compilers, MPI, cross-architecture libraries, and tools as well as access to the most popular HPC languages and integrates with third party tools for more ease of use.

Take full advantage of your system. Unlike processor-specific tools on the market, HPE Cray Programming Environment is a holistic solution. The suite enables software development for the full system (including CPUs, GPUs, and interconnects) so you can squeeze every bit of performance from your systems. And when the new hardware components come along, you don’t have to rewrite your code—just port your apps with ease.

Scalable to any size system. HPE Cray Programming Environment helps improve performance of applications on systems of any size—from small HPC clusters up to exascale deployments. It’s the only commercially supported programming environment for AMD-based systems on the market. And it’s the first complete toolchain for exascale systems. We’re currently working with the first three U.S. exascale customers so HPE Cray Programming Environment will offer their developers all the functionalities they need to take advantage of these systems.

From HPC experts for HPC experts. Since its beginnings with Cray to today, HPE Cray Programming Environment has evolved in response to you – our customer. We work closely with users to make sure the suite offers all the tools you need to develop your HPC apps with ease.

Following that same idea, we’re also here to help if you run into any issues. HPE Cray Programming Environment is fully supported by HPE Pointnext Services. Get answers to your questions about compilers, libraries, and tools plus guidance on best practices for using the toolchain to optimize your applications.

What’s next?

What’s next is continued innovation. Performance portability is a key goal and to that end we’re evolving the suite so a growing ensemble of user can compute larger and larger problems. HPE Programming Environment will support the next generation of developers, allowing them to scale their apps from laptop to cloud.

You strive to do your best. We do too. To us, our best is equipping you with the tools you need to answer those scientific questions that will solve problems, save lives, and enrich us all. That means offering you not just top-notch hardware, but complete, end-to-end solutions. From software that keeps your systems resilient and performing their best to operating systems built for scale to tools for developing your HPC and AI applications.

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About the Author

Leslie Tung, Director, HPC Software Solutions, HPE

 HPC software helps solve the world’s most challenging problems. Leslie leads the HPC Software Product Management team at HPE responsible for managing a portfolio of HPE-engineered and third-party software for the HPE Cray EX Supercomputers and HPE Apollo HPC systems. The software portfolio includes system management software enabling system resiliency and DevOps software tuned for HPC and AI workloads.