@HPCpodcast: The Recent Rush of Quantum News – Tech Advances, Partnerships, Investments

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A recent rush of quantum news is the topic of the latest episode of @HPCpodcast, including the melding of quantum and desktop computing, quantum error correction (a problem that not long ago led to assertions that quantum “will never work”), quantum investment, M&A and partnerships, and the connection between quantum computing and HPC.

You can find our podcasts, featuring Shahin Khan of OrionX.net consulting firm and Doug Black of insideHPC, at our @HPCpodcast page on Twitter and on insideHPC. Here’s the RSS feed:  http://orionx.net/category/audio-podcast/feed and our blog at OrionX.net: https://orionx.net/2022/01/hpcpodcast-9-quantum-computing-status-and-investments/

We welcome your ideas for special topics and guest commentators. Feel free to contact Doug or Shahin with your suggestions.