High Performance Computing for R&D

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In this eBook, “High Performance Computing for R&D,” sponsored by Rescale, Microsoft Azure and AMD, we take a look at HPC deployments in support of R&D efforts. In many ways, the HPC solution in the cloud offered by Rescale on Azure delivers an unprecedented amount of power while solving for many crucial and common challenges faced by R&D and design teams across many industries.

Whether you’re driving innovation and pushing your teams to outpace the competition in aerospace, automotive, or manufacturing, or working to maximize your investment in the cloud, Rescale on Azure brings everything together in one place. Commit your most important workloads and alleviate the limitations of on-premises HPC by partnering with Rescale on Azure today. Unlock greater innovation in your teams with smarter high performance computing designed for your specific workloads, without limits.

Consider the case of empowered R&D, which provides a clear argument for companies to begin  migrating workflows to the cloud. Here, researcher-centric workflows and collaboration tools that are inherent in the Rescale platform offer a clear benefit via HPC in the cloud. With empowered R&D, non-value adding tasks that may formerly have slowed down engineers and researchers can easily be removed from the process. Departments can accelerate the process of commercializing new innovations with researcher-centric workflows and collaboration, abstracted from infrastructure.

A sustainable HPC solution would effectively remove all these traditional on-premises HPC constraints and  offer instead on-demand compute for the most challenging simulation and modeling needs. Because Rescale on Azure provides unparalleled options and control, designers can complete their jobs faster, without waiting, and while ensuring budgets are maintained.

Download this white paper, “High Performance Computing for R&D,” sponsored by Microsoft Azure and AMD.