Multiverse Computing Releases New Version of Singularity SDK for Portfolio Optimization with Quantum

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SAN SEBASTIÁN, SPAIN, August 26, 2022 – Quantum computing company Multiverse Computing today introduced the newest version of Singularity Portfolio Optimization (v 1.2). This release includes the Multiverse Hybrid Solver, designed to combines the strength of classical and quantum computing and is specifically suited to portfolio optimization problems.
The Multiverse Hybrid Solver can optimize large portfolios of thousands of assets, finding the portfolio with the highest returns for a given risk and producing the same quality of results as industry-standard solvers in a significantly shorter amount of time.
According to John Malcolm, Financial Engineer overseeing Singularity Portfolio Optimization at Multiverse, this new release represents the next step in the ongoing evolution of the Singularity Portfolio Optimization Excel plug-in.
“This latest version of Singularity provides a quantum-based solution to a simple case portfolio optimization which is competitive against classical approaches currently used in industry,” said Malcolm. “Exciting new developments on our roadmap will extend the applicability of this product to cover more exotic cases of portfolio optimization which classical approaches struggle with.”
The tool is designed to help portfolio managers find the optimal balance between risk and reward among the range of assets under consideration, while adhering to minimum and maximum allocations per asset according to the investor’s preferences.
The Singularity Portfolio Optimization Excel plug-in now offers three solvers:
  • The Multiverse Hybrid, recommended for best results
  • The D-Wave Leap Hybrid
  • A classical solver, meant for benchmarking purposes for advanced users
This particular tool from Multiverse Computing is designed for large financial institutions, such as banks, hedge funds, pension funds and insurance companies. The generic optimization library that the Portfolio Optimization app is built on top of has much broader applicability to any sector where optimization is important, such as energy, manufacturing, health and life sciences, aerospace, and more.
The Singularity Portfolio Optimization plug-in can be used to build a portfolio from scratch or to improve an existing one. It is useful for developing medium to long-term strategies or for more frequent performance improvements. The newest interface is more streamlined and allows the user to save optimization settings for convenience.
With this latest release, Singularity users also can:
  • Set the investor’s level of risk aversion to control the portfolio risk-reward balance
  • Set the resolution to vary between highly discrete asset allocation to quasi-continuous allocation
  • Set investment bands to control minimum and maximum investment in individual assets, or a global maximum allocation across all assets
  • Quickly master the easy-to-use interface that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel