Multiverse Computing Partners with Tech Mahindra on Quantum Solutions 

SAN SEBASTIÁN, SPAIN, August 8, 2023 – Multiverse Computing, a quantum computing solutions company, announced a partnership to deliver its quantum computing software to the customers of Tech Mahindra, a provider of digital transformation, consulting and business engineering services and solutions. With this partnership, Tech Mahindra and Multiverse Computing will jointly develop a go-to-market strategy to serve global customers across sectors including finance, […]

Crédit Agricole Announces Quantum POC Results with Pasqal and Multiverse Computing

Paris, 26 January 2023 – Crédit Agricole CIB and European quantum companies Pasqal and Multiverse Computing have announced results on two quantum computing proofs of concept. These two experiments, initiated in June 2021 by Crédit Agricole, aimed to evaluate the contribution of an algorithmic approach inspired by quantum computing, and the potential of quantum computers, […]

Multiverse Computing and PINQ2 Team on Quantum Computing Adoption Across Industry Verticals

TORONTO, January 23, 2023 – Multiverse Computing, a quantum and quantum-inspired software company, today announced a new partnership with The Platform for Quantum and Digital Innovation (PINQ2), a non-profit organization initiated by the University of Sherbrooke and the Ministry of Economy and Innovation in Quebec, Canada, to collaborate on industrial projects in quantum and classical computing. As […]

Multiverse Computing Releases New Version of Singularity SDK for Portfolio Optimization with Quantum

SAN SEBASTIÁN, SPAIN, August 26, 2022 – Quantum computing company Multiverse Computing today introduced the newest version of Singularity Portfolio Optimization (v 1.2). This release includes the Multiverse Hybrid Solver, designed to combines the strength of classical and quantum computing and is specifically suited to portfolio optimization problems. The Multiverse Hybrid Solver can optimize large […]

Multiverse Computing and IQM Quantum Partner on Application-Specific Processors

SAN SEBASTIÁN, SPAIN, August 18, 2022 – Multiverse Computing, a quantum computing company, and IQM Quantum Computers  today announced a partnership to develop integrated solutions for specific quantum-based applications in finance, energy, chemistry, logistics, material science and other verticals. Through this partnership, both companies will tightly integrate IQM’s co-designed quantum processors with Multiverse’s Singularity SDK to accelerate […]

Multiverse Computing and IKERLAN Detect Defects in Manufacturing with Quantum Computing Vision

SAN SEBASTIÁN, SPAIN – August 16, 2022 – Multiverse Computing, a quantum computing solutions company, and IKERLAN, a center in technology transfer value to industry, have released the results of a joint research study that detected defects in manufactured car pieces via image classification by quantum artificial vision systems. The research team developed a quantum-enhanced kernel method for classification […]

World Quantum Day: Bank of Canada in Quantum Simulation of Cryptocurrency POC with Multiverse

 Toronto – April 14, 2022 – The Bank of Canada, a G7 central bank, and Multiverse Computing, a developer of quantum computing solutions for the financial industry and other sectors, announced completion of a proof-of-concept project using quantum computing to simulate the adoption of cryptocurrency as a method of payment by non-financial firms. The quantum […]

Quantum: Multiverse Computing Submits 22 Patent Applications for 2021 Research

 TORONTO and SAN SEBASTIÁN, SPAIN – March 29, 2022 – Multiverse Computing, developer of quantum computing solutions for the financial industry and other industries, today announced it submitted 22 patents from its research efforts in 2021. Eleven of the patents were filed in the United States with the remainder filed in Europe. Ranging from hybrid […]

Multiverse Computing and Xanadu Partner on Quantum Software for Finance

TORONTO and SAN SEBASTIÁN, SPAIN – Multiverse Computing, a maker of quantum computing software for the financial industry, and Xanadu, a full-stack photonic quantum computing company, announced today a joint partnership to expand Multiverse’s use of Xanadu’s open source software, PennyLane. The partnership will enable Multiverse’s financial services clients to develop applications with greater speed […]

Quantum in the News: IBM Touts ‘Entanglement Forging’ Simulation; Multiverse Launches Quantum-based Stock Valuations

Quantum is in the news this week, with IBM today announcing new research on its “entanglement forging” simulation method and Multiverse Computing launching  a quantum-based method for financial institutions to calculate stock valuations. At IBM, “entanglement forging” creates a “remarkably accurate” simulation of a water molecule using half as many qubits on IBM’s 27-qubit Falcon […]