@HPCpodcast: UC Berkeley’s and LBNL’s Kathy Yelick on Exascale, the Future of Supercomputing, Partitioned Global Address Space and Diversity in HPC

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Dr. Kathy Yelick

Today, on the eve of Exascale Day, the @HPCpodcast is delighted to have Kathy Yelick as our special guest to observe Oct. 18 (10 to the 18th – a billion billion calculations per second). Dr. Yelick is the Robert S. Pepper Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and the Vice Chancellor for Research at UC Berkeley, and Senior Faculty Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

In this conversation, Dr. Yelick’’s expansive perspective and expertise led us through a wide ranging discussion including the impact of exascale computing on society, the role of HPC in helping set public and international policy, multi-physics research, advancing software technologies, diversity in HPC, the recent RFI from DOE and what the future might hold, the enormous contributions of UC Berkeley to computing technologies and scientific research and how it stays in the forefront, and proposals for a new college.

We also touch on a few of her research projects such as partitioned global address space (PGAS), the ExaBiome project and the Berkeley Benchmarking and Optimization (Bebop).

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