inside HPC-Hyperion Research Interview: Hyperion’s Alex Norton on the State of AI

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As part of insideHPC’s series of interviews on behalf of HPC industry analyst firm Hyperion Research, we spoke with Hyperion’s Alex Norton about his overview of the state of AI – or “big AI,” where AI and HPC often combine – at a special Hyperion event in Washington last month.

In this interview, Norton, who is Hyperion’s principal technology analyst and data analysis manager, highlights key AI trends and insights, including:

  • Projected growth of the AI systems market  (it’s outpacing HPC)
  • The impact of AI on HPC data centers
  • Nvidia’s lead in GPUs, with growing competition from AMD, Intel and specialty AI chip startups
  • The intersection of HPC and AI and “surrogate machine learning models” outperforming traditional HPC simulations
  • Distinctions between big AI in the enterprise vs. national labs and academia
  • “Approachability,” accessibility and trust in AI

Norton also reflects on ChatGPT, the Google LaMDA chatbot and other “generative AI” applications, and how much further they may progress over the next 10 years.