@HPCpodcast: Red Hat’s Mike McGrath on RHEL Source Code Access and the Linux Open Source Controversy

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Mike McGrath, Red Hat

A change in source code distribution by Red Hat started the biggest open source controversy in years. @HPCpodcast continues our coverage of this topic with Red Hat’s Mike McGrath, whose two blogs – starting with this one – in late June announced the company’s new policy regarding access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) code.

McGrath is Vice President of Core Platforms, a role in which he leads the development of RHEL and related platforms. He has been at Red Hat for nearly 17 years and in the IT industry since 2004.

@HPCpodcast’s coverage of the RHEL controversy started with special guest and HPC software expert Joe Landman, and then with Greg Kurtzer of CEO of CIQ, creator of Rocky Linux and its predecessor, CentOS. We urge you to listen to all three episodes to get a full perspective on the various issues, perspectives and nuances. They will provide insights on how the open source community has changed, how the open source software supply chain has worked and why it is now a point of contention, and what happened to Free Open Source Software (FOSS).

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