Announcing insideHPC’s New National Lab News Portal

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Today marks the launch of insideHPC’s new National Lab News portal, a service for the HPC community that highlights and aggregates the use of HPC technologies at supercomputing centers in the United States and around the world.

You can access the portal by clicking on the “National Lab News” header in the insideHPC navigation bar, articles will be listed chronologically, just click on headlines and you’ll proceed to article landing pages.

The portal’s content is HPC-specific and includes feature stories on the selection and implementation of supercomputers at labs and supercomputing centers, on scientific advancements enabled by HPC, on awards for outstanding achievement in scientific computing, new appointments and promotions of managers at agencies and the labs that impact HPC deployments, and the strategies driving supercomputing utilization and planning.

For communications managers at supercomputing centers, please contact us at for inquiries about posting content on the portal.