GCS Sponsors Team deFAUlt at SC18 Student Cluster Competition

The Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) is sponsoring the “deFAUlt” team from FAU at the Student Cluster Competition at SC18 in Dallas. “For the past two years, FAU teams were able to come out of these competitions winning the coveted high-performance LINPACK Benchmark challenge.”

GCS Supports Two German Teams for the SC16 Student Cluster Competition

Today the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) in Germany announced it is co-sponsoring undergraduate students participating in the SC16 Student Cluster Competition (SCC). This year, GCS provides financial support for two German teams which were accepted for the multi-disciplinary HPC challenge integrated within the Supercomputing Conference 2016 (SC16) in Salt Lake City (Utah, USA): team […]

Florida Atlantic University Selects Bright Cluster Manager for HPC

Today Florida Atlantic University (FAU) announced that it is using Bright Cluster Manager software for its HPC cluster. The 56-node cluster is used for teaching Hadoop Map Reduce, bioinformatics research and other modeling and visualization work. Administrators say Bright Cluster Manager has significantly increased automation and is easily scalable to meet expected future growth.