LightSolver Announces LPU100 Laser Computing System

TEL AVIV, Israel – March 19, 2024 –Laser-based computing company LightSolver  announced what the company said is a breakthrough in quantum-inspired high-performance computing. Its LPU100 system utilizes the power of 100 lasers to solve optimization problems, challenging the processing times of quantum and supercomputers. The LPU100’s laser array represents 100 continuous variables, and can tackle […]

Overcoming the Limitations of Classical HPC and Quantum: A New Computational Method

By Ruti Ben-Shlomi, CEO and Co-founder, LightSolver There’s a lot of excitement around exascale-class supercomputing and the possibilities of quantum computing, but there’s an emerging alternative advanced computing paradigm that transcends the limits of classical HPC and is more practical than quantum computing for complex, multivariable problems. Called the laser-based processing unit (LPU), this entrant […]