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Will Containerization Eat Configuration Management?

Over at QNIB, Christian Kniep writes that his latest presentation examines intersection of Docker, Containerization, and Configuration Management. “In my humble opinion, Configuration Management might become a niche. As hard as it sounds.”

VMware Makes Progress on Virtualizing HPC

In this video, Matt Herreras and Josh Simons discuss recent developments in virtualization technologies for HPC. Please pay attention, folks. This stuff is going to change how we, as a community, get supercomputing done and it is happening now.

Virtualization Breaks HPC Efficiency Barrier

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory migrated independent grids into a fully virtualized environment that reduced idle computing cycles while a providing a big jump in throughput when pushing millions of calculations through the system.

Interview: ScaleMP Launches vSMP Foundation Version 5.5

“For environments where large memory systems are critical – bio informatics, legacy databases i.e. Big Data, we have focused on a lot of performance enhancements. We strive to make large memory systems as fast as possible. It is interesting to note that in some cases, our VMs are faster than physical machines. We do this by prefetching and caching data based on our understanding of memory placement and access patterns.”

Slidecast: Preview of vSMP Foundation 5.5 Virtualization Software

In this slidecast, Shai Fultheim from ScaleMP provides an update on the company’s recent announcements and previews vSMP 5.5 Foundation software. With the rise of in-memory analytics, the company is seeing rapid deployment growth for its server aggregation software.

Slidecast: Hybrid Cloud for Increased Scientific Agility

In this slidecast, Matt Herreras and Josh Simons from VMware describe how Hybrid Cloud powered by virtualization offers increased scientific agility for HPC workloads. Make no mistake; virtualization is coming to HPC in a Big Way, and everyone will benefit.