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Video: Allinea DDT Debugger Support for the New Intel Xeon Phi Accelerator

In this video, James Reinders discusses Allinea Software’s DDT debugger support for the newly announced Intel Xeon Phi (formerly known as Intel MIC) accelerator products. Recorded at ISC’12 in Hamburg. We are pleased that Allinea Software has developed support for the Intel MIC Architecture and will be a valued resource for users of supercomputer systems […]

Supercomputers Need Standard Shot Glass to Measure Out Juice

By Dan Olds, Gabriel Consulting • Get more from this author The biggest challenge in getting to the next level of supercomputer performance – Exascale – is the massive amounts of electricity these systems will consume. On a smaller scale, energy consumption also inhibits HPC installations. The problem isn’t just getting enough plugs from your […]

Survey: Exascale Operational Priorities

Clipped from: (share this clip) Are you vested in the future of Exascale computing? The Exascale Report is seeking participant in a new survey: HPC to Exascale: Will the operational priorities change? This is the first of several small surveys intended to drive a discussion around the perceived priority of today’s HPC operational needs, […]

New HPC500 Org Seeks Applicants

Clipped from: (share this clip) Intersect360 Research is seeking applicants for their new HPC500 organization, an exclusive community of HPC users intent on shaping the future of the HPC industry. The HPC500 are the bellwethers of the HPC industry,” says Intersect360 Research CEO Addison Snell. “These are the organizations who bring high performance computing […]

Survey: Help Map the Future of Digital Infrastructure in the UK

Clipped from: (share this clip) The UK’s newly formed e-Infrastructure Leadership Council is conducting a survey to help plan future activities and investments. The ELC oversees investment and coordination for the government-funded UK e-Infrastructure, especially HPC, including a recently-announced £158m investment. This is your chance to directly influence not only how this funding is […]

ARCHIE Boosts Research at Scottish Universities

A high-performance computer that can tackle complex calculations to solve major challenges in science and engineering, including drug development, energy systems and space technologies research, has been installed at the University of Strathclyde, UK. The computer is at the core of a new £1.6 million regional Supercomputing Centre, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences […]

Podcast: Spectra to Deliver 380 Petabytes of Tape Storage to Blue Waters

In this podcast, Michelle Butler from NCSA and Molly Rector from Spectra Logic discuss the massive tape storage system that is being deployed for the 10 Petaflop Blue Waters supercomputer. As announced this week, the Blue Waters system will be one of the world’s largest active file repositories stored on tape media and will scale […]

Student Cluster Competition Comes to ISC’12

Clipped from: (share this clip)   One of the most exciting additions to ISC’12 this year is the Student Cluster Competition. The goal: derive the most possible application performance using less than 3000 watts. The competition will feature small teams that compete to demonstrate the incredible capabilities of state-of- the-art high-performance cluster hardware and […]

Swimming in Sensors, Drowning in Data

Dan Olds from Gabriel Consulting Group shares his amazement from a GTC 2012 talk by MotionDSP. Cleaning up and enhancing video is a tall order, compute-wise… But I just saw a demo of that in a GTC12 session run by MotionDSP. Their specialty is processing video streams from mobile platforms (think drones and airplanes) on the […]

About this GTC Edition

Clipped from: (share this clip)   At insideHPC, we are very happy to bring you this special GTC Edition of our daily HPC news publication. Hybrid computing is seen by many as the way forward to Exascale, and the GPU Technology Conference is leading the way with a great set of sessions, posters, and […]