Molly Rector Joins DDN as CMO

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imgresToday DataDirect Networks (DDN) announced the appointment of Molly Rector as the company’s first Chief Marketing Officer. Previously CMO of Spectra Logic, Rector brings nearly 15 years of experience working in HPC, Media and Entertainment, and Enterprise IT industries, Rector has joined the DDNTM team to expand the adoption of its strong product portfolio to new markets.

Cloud, Media and Entertainment, and Enterprise IT environments are now grappling with the same massive compute and data management demands that HPC technology was designed to address,” says Rector, “The DDN product line that has fulfilled the needs of several Nobel prize winners and the HPC market solves the needs of a much broader industry in 2014 and beyond due to massive data growth and demand for data analytics.”

This is a great move for DDN. Molly Rector is one of the sharpest people I know in the industry and you have to hand it to DDN for bringing her on board.

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  1. Nice. Molly is a real pro – one of the best.

  2. I was sad to see Jeff Denworth move on — definitely going to miss him and his energy! Good luck to Jeff! I’d be concerned for DDN losing him if they didn’t have someone as strong as Molly taking his place. Well done, DDN.