RSC Announces Record Compute Density with Xeon Phi at ISC’14

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rscThis week at ISC’14, Russian supercomputing vendor RSC Group announced world record compute and power density milestones with their RSC PetaStream and RSC Tornado based clusters.

We were the first in the world to develop and introduce to users ultra high dense massively parallel system based on the newest Intel Xeon Phi 7120D. RSC PetaStream leading characteristics were achieved as result of the hard work and extensive experience of RSC engineers in development of extra efficient direct liquid cooling technologies and ultra-high density integration of supercomputers based on standard server components and technologies. It helped us to achieve such a breakthrough setting the new world records of computing density with 1.2 PFLOPS peak performance and power density of 400 kW per cabinet within just 1 m2, or 11 ft2, footprint,” – said Alexey Shmelev, COO of RSC Group.

The RSC PetaStream uses a highly efficient power distribution setup based on 400V direct current and RSC’s proven direct liquid cooling technology to enable a world record computational density of 1.2 PFLOPS in a single rack. According to RSC, the new PetaStream technologies are the significant step towards practical development of ExaScale-level supercomputers, providing millions of execution threads for the user applications.