Jay Boisseau Moves to Lead Vizias Startup

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Jay Boisseau, CEO of Vizias

Jay Boisseau, CEO of Vizias

Jay Boisseau, the former Director of the Texas Advanced Computing Center, is now CEO at a stealthy startup called Vizias. As you’ll recall, Boisseau left TACC in January. TACC is now lead by Executive Director Dan Stanzione.

While the Vizias web site is just a placeholder at the moment, we were able to discover some details about the company from their Facebook page.

We are excited and proud to publicly announce the launch of *Vizias*, a new company with an intense focus on advancing science and improving society through innovative computing and data strategies & solutions. Our name comes from the Esperanto word for *envision* (and the word ‘Esperanto’ itself means ‘one who hopes’). We are a small team of experienced computing experts that are passionately hopeful of a better world, so we envision technology strategies & solutions to make it better—and then work with our large network of partners and collaborators to design, develop, and deliver these solutions.

visiazOur logo encapsulates this passion and purpose: to improve our world, using digital technologies for strategies & solutions. You’ll hear much more about us in the coming days and weeks. 

As a long-time preferred supercomputer vendor for TACC, it should come as no surprise that Dell is listed as a technology partner for Vizias. We’ll keep you posted.

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