New IPCC at CERN Pushes Code Modernization

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logo-ipcc-cernOver at the Intel Developer Zone, Lindsay Hart writes that the ever-increasing need for computing resources has prompted a sustained code modernization effort at CERN to take advantage of new computing architectures and accelerators. Enter the new Intel Parallel Computing Center (IPCC) at CERN’s European Organization for Nuclear Research.

The work covered by this IPCC within the GeantV project aims at providing, in the first year, the first GEANT-V version that is vectorisable and thread wise scalable on Intel Architectures demonstrating a speedup of a factor between 5x and 10x over the scalar version on a simplified example. Target architectures will be Intel Xeon Phi (Knight Landing) and Intel Xeon (Haswell). A tech paper will be presented at the Computing for High Energy Physics conference 2015. The second year will be dedicated to the fine targeting further performance demonstrating a speedup of a factor between 2 and 5 on a complex example. A new assessment will be made whether a speedup of a factor 10 is attainable and how. Documentation and benchmarks results will be published on applied optimization technics. A public Technical paper addressing GEANT-V modelling will be presented (CHEP 2016), as well as a joint paper CERN- Intel promoting GEANT-V.

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