LANL Reduces Water Consumption for Supercomputer Cooling

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Today Los Alamos National Laboratory announced that it decreased its water usage by 26 percent in 2014, with about one-third of the reduction attributable to using reclaimed water to cool its supercomputing center.

Part of our role as good stewards of the environment is to conserve finite resources such as water whenever possible,” said Michael Brandt, associate director of Environment, Safety and Health at the Laboratory. “Conserving water while achieving our mission is a great example of how we are pursuing long-term environmental sustainability.”

The Sanitary Effluent Reclamation Facility (SERF) collects industrial wastewater and treats it for reuse. The reclamation facility contributed more than 27 million gallons of re-purposed water to the SCC, a secured supercomputing facility that supports the Laboratory’s national security mission and is one of the institution’s larger water users.

In addition to reclamation, the Laboratory also reduced water use in 2014 by focusing conservation efforts on areas that use the most water, repairing leaks identified in routine surveys and upgrading to water-conserving fixtures.

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  1. Los Alamos National Laboratory – well done. The time has come when you need to stop thinking that natural resources will never run out, and they have enough for everyone. It’s time to repay the nature and restore what was ruined by people.