Video: Porting Physics Apps to Titan with OpenACC

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titan3-300x225In this video from the GPU Technology Conference, Aaron Vose from Cray presents: Porting Computational Physics Applications to the Titan Supercomputer with OpenACC and OpenMP.

This session presents valuable “lessons learned” during the process of porting computational physics applications to the Titan supercomputer with hybrid OpenACC and OpenMP. Specifically, three real-world HPC codes are enhanced with OpenACC directives to take advantage of the Kepler GPUs and OpenMP directives to target the CPUs of the Titan supercomputer. The first application is TACOMA, a computational fluid dynamics code which solves finite-volume, block-structured, compressible flows. The second application is Delta5D, a Monte Carlo fusion code which follows particle orbits in Boozer space using Hamiltonian guiding center equations solved with an adaptive time step integrator. Finally, the third application is NekCEM, a high-fidelity electromagnetics solver based on spectral element methods. While the science behind these applications may differ significantly, the same porting process and lessons learned apply to each.”

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