Satoshi Matsuoka to Chair ISC 2016 Conference Program

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Dr. Satoshi Matsuoka, University of Tokyo

Dr. Satoshi Matsuoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Today ISC Events announced that Prof. Dr. Satoshi Matsuoka of Tokyo Institute of Technology will be the program chairman for ISC 2016. As the program chair, Dr. Matsuoka will be actively involved in leading the ISC program team to define the ISC 2016 program, especially the focus topics, whilst also working with the steering committee in a multi-year effort to further elevate the value of ISC for the HPC community.

It is a big honor to be named the program chair for ISC 2016, which I had been participating and actively contributing to every year for the last 15 years and observed its evolution to one of the top-tier HPC conferences in the world,” said ISC 2016 Program Chair Satoshi Matsuoka. “My mission is to further elevate the value and esteem of ISC High Performance to all the participants, academia as well as the industry, through my long-term experience of leading other top-tier conferences such as SC in the US. We are already working to define a set of very attractive, state-of-the-art themes for ISC 2016, as well as assemble an international leadership team consisting of world’s leading experts in HPC. Our expectations are high such that ISC2016 would be considered the best ISC ever, but of course that would be a challenge given ISC 2015 as well as the past years.”

ISC-EventThe position of an annually-rotating ISC Program Chair was created last year, thus opening the conference to members of the community who play a pivotal role in advancing the field of high performance computing. Prof. Dr. Arndt Bode was the first appointee, serving as the chair for ISC 2015.

A highly respected member of the international HPC community, Matsuoka has been a full professor since 2001 at the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center (GSIC) of Tokyo Institute of Technology, one of the leading national supercomputer centers in Japan. He currently leads the MEXT Green Supercomputing, JSPS Billion-Scale Supercomputer Resilience, and JST-CREST Extreme Big Data projects.

Matsuoka is also the project leader of the TSUBAME series of supercomputers.

The first TSUBAME machine, deployed in 2006, became the fastest supercomputer in Japan, superseding the Earth Simulator. TSUBAME 2.0 was the first supercomputer in Japan to exceed a petaflop of performance and became the fourth fastest in the world on the TOP500 in November 2010. In November 2013, the TSUBAME-KFC system became the leader in the world for power efficiency on both the Green 500 and Green Graph 500 lists.

Matsuoka has co-authored over 500 articles and book chapters chaired many ACM and IEEE conferences, and is a Fellow of the ACM and the ISC HPC conference. He has won many awards, including the JSPS Prize from the Japan Society for Promotion of Science in 2006, the ACM Gordon Bell Prize in 2011, the Commendation for Science and Technology in 2012, and the IEEE Computer Society Sidney Fernbach Award in 2014.

As we have started working on the 2016 program, we think the community deserves a sneak preview into the program,” said ISC General Co-chair Martin Meuer. “One of our long-term goals includes involving international HPC experts who acknowledge and support the conference, when deciding on future conference topics and selecting speakers.”

Other New Appointments

Other ISC 2016 appointments include:

  • Prof. Dr. Jack Dongarra of University of Tennessee & Oak Ridge National Laboratory will serve as the 2016 ISC Research Papers Chair.
  • Dr. Pavan Balaji of Argonne National Laboratory, who is the current ISC Tutorial chair, will lend his expertise as next year’s Deputy Research Paper Chair.
  • Prof. Dr. Vladimir Voevodin of Moscow State University will act as the Posters Chair.
  • Dr. William Gropp of University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and SC13 Chair will lead the Tutorial committee as its new chair.
  • ISC Workshops will remain under the direction of Dr. Bernd Mohr, of the Juelich Supercomputing Center
  • Dr. Horst Gietl will chair the Birds-of Feather committee.
  • The ISC Industry Program Chair will be Prof. Dr. – Ing. Michael Resch of the High Performance Computing Center in Stuttgart.

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  1. This is great news and will certainly ensure another strong agenda for ISC next year. Dr. Matsuoka is also a keynote speaker at the Altair PBS Works User Group this year. I look forward to hearing his talk about TSUBAME.