Dispelling the Myth “OpenMP Does Not Scale”

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Ruud van der Pas, Oracle

Ruud van der Pas, Oracle

In this video from OpenMPcon, Ruud van der Pas from Oracle presents: “OpenMP Does Not Scale.”

“Unfortunately it is a very widespread myth that OpenMP Does Not Scale – a myth we intend to dispel in this talk. Every parallel system has its strengths and weaknesses. This is true for clustered systems, but also for shared memory parallel computers. While nobody in their right mind would consider sending one zillion single byte messages to a single node in a cluster, people do the equivalent in OpenMP and then blame the programming model. Also, shared memory parallel systems have some specific features that one needs to be aware of. Few do though. In this talk we use real-life case studies based on actual applications to show why an application did not scale and what was done to change this. More often than not, a relatively simple modification, or even a system level setting, makes all the difference.”


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