Poznan Launches Eagle Supercomputer with Liquid Cooling from CoolIT Systems

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poznan2Today CoolIT Systems announced that it has successfully completed the second deployment of its Rack DCLC liquid cooling solution at the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) in partnership with Huawei.

We are pleased to have migrated from a liquid cooled pilot project with CoolIT Systems to a full-scale rollout,” said Radoslaw Januszewski, IT Specialist at PSNC. “The pilot project proved to be very reliable, it met our efficiency goals, and provided a bonus performance boost with the processors very happy to be kept at a cool, consistent temperature as a result of liquid cooling’s effectiveness.”

The liquid cooled solution makes up part of the HPC cluster known as ‘Eagle’, which was officially launched at the inauguration of the PSNC-Huawei Innovation Center on Friday 22nd January, 2016. The cluster, ranking #80 on the Top500, is the second largest supercomputing installation in Poland.

The PSNC cluster combines 1032 Huawei blade servers in the E9000 chassis with CoolIT Systems Rack DCLC liquid cooling solution to manage over 80% of the server heat. The system is powered by two Rack DCLC CHx650 centralized pumping/heat exchange units that provide liquid cooling to the processor, RAM and VRM components. Using inlet water temperatures of 40°C and above allows CoolIT’s system to efficiently reuse the energy from the servers to provide heating for the PSNC campus.

20 racks of liquid cooled servers managing 80% of the heat load is another great showcase of liquid cooling capabilities,” said Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT Systems. “Poznan is leading the effort in HPC to build highly efficient reliable computers, and liquid cooling has become an enabling technology to achieve these goals. This rollout demonstrates the DCLC value proposition to data centers worldwide.”

This is the second project CoolIT Systems has completed for PSNC in partnership with Huawei. Building on the success of their first liquid cooled deployment with CoolIT, PSNC purchased an additional 17 racks of liquid cooled Huawei servers for a total of 20 racks. The liquid cooled solution was installed by technicians from our system integrator partner ITProjekt plus our Polish based distributor and service partner S4E with CoolIT Systems technicians providing onsite expertise and oversight.

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